The struggles

Sometimes, writing can be difficult (just a heads up for you, this is going to be a post very much about first-world problems.) Anyone who pays attention to this blog has probably noticed I haven’t posted for a month. Why is that you ask?

Writer’s block.

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Introducing the Mirror Queen

The Mirror Queen sat on her glass throne, her ethereal image reflected in the millions of mirrors on the walls. She was beginning to feel very impatient, her throat beginning to burn from thirst.

“Hurry up!” She snapped, in a lilting, dulcet tone. A terrified, slave girl approached.

“You’re useless you know,” she continued, fixing her hair in her hand mirror. She allowed it to fall from the intricate braided bun it had been confined to. It formed a black veil for her face, curtains framing a stage, her eyes and lips the performers. The Queen readjusted the wreath that adorned her head and then turned to smile maliciously at her cowering slave.

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Introducing Opal and Demetri

“Sup,” grinned the girl who opened the door. It seemed as  though almost every inch of her skin was covered in swirling ink. Her turquoise hair was styled in a spiky, asymmetric bob, dip dyed a rich purple. Her pale, gaunt face had an Ivy tattoo twirling up one side. Brightly coloured makeup cloaked her features, like a masquerade mask. She was wearing an equally garish rainbow tie-dye t-shirt that and a pair of zebra print jeans. I imagined that due to the sheer number of piercings Opal had that she’d struggle to pass through a metal detector.

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Ever since I started writing, I’ve always found Music to be a huge help. I often find that music can convey raw emotion in a way which is hard to do with words, but I hope I can emulate.

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Introducing Midnight

A short extract

London was incredible. It was beautiful, but in a strange way. Not cute and picture perfect like Cornwall. But I found something strangely fascinating about this world of towering buildings, the variety of people, the different colours of cars and adverts among the grey. There was a muddle of old and new, some buildings that had seen hundreds of years of history. The air smelt of a variety of tantalising scents: baked goods from a market I passed, the occasional floral whiff of flowers or a pedestrian’s perfume and the scent of the previous night’s rain. My open window allowed me to catch snippets of a thousand conversations, a variety of different languages. I heard French, Polish, Mandarin, Arabic and more. After all, London was a city where in the majority of boroughs over 100 languages were spoken. As I’d expected, the journey was slow, the traffic heavy, but with so much to look at, I didn’t care.  I wanted to take in everything.

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Yesterday I spent the day in Camden, which is one of the main settings of the book. It was my younger brother’s birthday, and he loves shopping, so our family went there for the day. I always enjoy visiting, partly because I too, love shopping but mainly because it’s a chance to take in the world that my characters live in. In fact, I could imagine Opal (who I will introduce soon) shopping there, perhaps buying some of these Star Wars shoes from Irregular Choice:


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